Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Elegant Buttercream Class at Orson Gygi

I was so excited to hear that Ashlee of I'm Topsy Turvy was going to start teaching Cake classes at Gygi. She is so incredibly talented, and such a fun person, so I was so excited to be able to attend a blogger night out to take a mini class for learning my buttercream basics!  
 It was really fun to learn all the fun trends in cake design and practice all my skills and mistakes right on the counter, then scrape it off and start over again!

Here is Ashlee doing her thing. She has such fluid and precise hand skills piping that frosting.

Here is my finished cake I made that night!

Click on over here to view Ashlee's class schedule at Gygi and she's also sharing a coupon code TOPSYTURVY for my readers that can be used online for products ( I really want to buy the whole store) with free local pick up, as well as on your cake classes! Her Buttercream Class is going to be on Nov. 5, and Nov. 12 from 10 a.m. until noon. so if you are interested register right away!


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  1. Sounds fabulous! I was thinking of going to that & darn it I should have so I could have met you! One of these days ;) Happy Halloween!

  2. Hello there! I came across your blog and thought you’d be a great candidate for the Liebster Blog Award. If you have not heard of it, learn more about it in my Liebster Post - Can’t wait to hear from you!

    Cindy {Jenkins Kid Farm}


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